You could check out our website at inside-edge-mag.co.uk for a more detailed guide to the basics of punto banco, but in essence there are three bets – player (punto), bank (banco) and draw (égalité).

The cards are all dealt out for you and, despite being able to hold the shoe occasionally, the chance of winning is down to destiny – you cannot affect the game.

Proof of this is clearly evident in the fact that casinos kindly give you a tracking sheet so that you can write down how play develops and make assumptions as to how the next hand will fall. This is as helpful as noting down the roulette numbers and predicting the next one. The next time you are offered one, ask why they don’t also provide one for blackjack!

Punto: Play with the player and the house edge is 1.36%.

Banco: Play with the bank and the house advantage is 1.17%.

Egalité: Play for a draw and the house advantage is a stonking great 14%! This is because the true odds are 9.5/1 but the casino only pays out 8/1.

You don’t really need us to tell you that it makes sense to avoid égalité.