Practical Strategies in Keno

Honestly speaking Keno is a game of chance and pure luck, but don’t be disappointed, because though this is a game of chance, there are still some strategies in Keno that we can share to you to use in winning the game. These strategies in Keno are formulated as players had experienced playing the game for a long period of time and they were able to arrive at some conclusions and results to improve ones game of Keno. Here are some of the strategies one can apply in Keno;

1. The numbers in Keno are picked at random, so that naturally, the numbers that are drawn have no relation to the numbers that are previously drawn. Simplifying this statement, if you picked five numbers on a ticket, there’s no greater chance of seeing 9,21,35,38, and 57 come up, than seeing 1,2,3,4, and 5. Therefor, any number has the same chance of being drawn as the next. Look at our Keno probabilities page if you would like to see how odds shape up.

2. Another strategy in Keno is to play the numbers that are not so commonly seen in the previous games. The theory is that they will start coming up to even out the long term results for each number. The numbers are picked at random, hence this nature of the game of Keno prevents this from being a certainty. It shows us the fact that it is a game of luck.

3. Regularly, many keno players place their bet on the numbers that came up, Instead of choosing the numbers that seldom come up. Though it may seem against the law of probability and chance There are still notable strategies in Keno you can adopt by creating patterns with randomly selected numbers and these streaks can be beneficial when practiced soon.

4. Another strategy in Keno is to pick successive numbers. Take for example pairs such as 12 and 13 or maybe 43 and 44 , they are considered as successive numbers. Although there’s no proven facts that this strategy works in the long run, but one may noticed that most of the numbers that come out are in pairs. Use the same set of numbers consecutively. This strategy in Keno is simple and commonly used. Try to play the same numbers over and over for some rounds of the game. Whether you play the same se of numbers or not, your chance of winning is still the same.

Bear in mind that these strategies discussed in Keno are hypothetical but somehow their probabilities can’t be denied for many players who tried on these strategies are satisfied. Will you?